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In Dialogs written forty-six years ago I tried to reach the limit that I called the "a conceptual horizon of our epoch". I did not concentrate on what would be feasible but what was the spectrum that I was able to invent. For example in the dialogue of Hylas and Philonous with the help of logic I demonstrated that even if we had a complete atomic blueprint of a human organism and a device capable of reconstructing tissues from atoms, we would not be able to achieve a resurrection. I myself did not understand this outcome, but after half a century I realize that this is so because logic we use is not the same on the quantum level and one cannot go freely from one to the other. I also brought up the subject of full transfer of information from a living brain into a computer-type device. I also dared to present a conjecture whether it would be possible to achieve a direct connection between two brains. Much later I tried to be more careful in prognosis of what is feasible.

This work contains an enormous number of fulfilled prophecies and considerations dealing - among other things - with the collapse of the communist command economy. The reader may have the impression the book was written some two weeks ago... The theoretical sphere of cybernetics is sometimes a bit anachronistic but its core remained untouched.