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“Dialogs” come from times when cybernetics seemed to offer infinite possibilities.  This optimism, although moderated by the author, manifests itself in first chapters.  Later, Lem argues with himself presenting his thoughts in a constant movement.  The most interesting are analyses of society and its institutions - Lem is predominantly interested in human thought that could make the world livable. "Dialogs" were not entirely translated to English.

In Dialogs written forty-six years ago I tried to reach the limit that I called the "a conceptual horizon of our epoch". I did not concentrate on what would be feasible but what was the spectrum that I was able to invent. For example in the dialogue of Hylas and Philonous with the help of logic I demonstrated that even if we had a complete atomic blueprint of a human organism and a device capable of reconstructing tissues from atoms, we would not be able to achieve a resurrection.


PHILONOUS: Greetings, dear friend. What are you pondering about so lonely in this beautiful park?
HYLAS: Ah, that is you? I am glad to see you. Last night I worked hard to develop an idea which promises infinitely much to mankind.
PHILONOUS: What kind of precious idea is that?
HYLAS: I arrived at the conviction (which actually is certainty) that people will some time achieve immortality.
PHILONOUS: Do I get this right? How is that, you are not unfaithful to materialism which you have hitherto lectured on, do you?
HYLAS: Never. My idea does not collide with materialism, on the contrary, it necessarily follows from it.
PHILONOUS: I am all ears. Do explain, my friend.