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„The World on the Edge” ("Swiat na krawedzi").  A volume of conversations with Tomasz Fialkowski, a journalist of „Tygodnik Powszechny”.  Current fears, irritations and hopes, problems of scientific and moral nature, ethical and political issues – are presented through individual biography.  Lem not only is a wicked thinker with a sense of humor – independent and frequently quite controversial in his way of perceiving reality.  He is also an interesting,  witty story-teller, emphasizing his somewhat ironical attitude towards the world.

The end of the century and the end of the millennium are only conventional borders resulting from the established form of the calendar. However, independently of how we measure time, we found ourselves at the threshold of a new era of biotechnology. Moved by the current of a giant river we flow towards an unknown ocean. And we have just started our journey... - says Lem.

Tomasz Fialkowski