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Memoirs of a Space Traveler is representative of Mr. Lem in his most fantastic vein. In one of these grotesque and witty tales an inventor has created electronic intelligences that live in iron boxes connected to a central drum of recorded stimuli representing all the experiences that a person may have in a lifetime.(...)

 The theme of life as a dream is of course as old as European literature, but it is characteristic of Mr. Lem to recast traditional materials. Often reminiscent of ghost stories and folk tales, his suggestive fables range from the disturbing or horrific to the playfully satiric.

The New York Times Review of Books

 [Note:  Stories published in Polish as Dzienniki Gwiazdowe  (The Star Diaries) were published in English in three volumes:  The Star Diaries, Memoirs of a Space Traveler and A Cosmic Carnival of Stanislaw Lem]