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stanislaw lem cyberiad coverThe book can be read on two levels. Read simply for an entertainment, the stories could appear to a superficial reader as an overdose of a good thing. However, once a more sophisticated reader perceives their philosophical and moral implications and becomes aware not only of the author's daring imagination but also of the depth of his philosophical insight, the fables acquire a new dimension.

"The New York Review of Books"

Lem's explosive inventiveness is immediately apparent in "The Cyberiad", aptly subtitled "Fables for the Cybernetic Age", a cycle of tales focusing on the adventures of two intelligent robots, named Trurl and Klapaucius, who are master builders ("constructors") of computers and who sally about the cosmos meeting challenges, solving problems and being, by turns, cybernetic hero-sages, and all-round nuisances and fools. The tales are sometimes wildly funny, full of intellectual slapstick and outrageous puns (frequently playing on mathematical and cybernetic vocabulary).

George Scheper