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„Tales of Pirx the Pilot,”one of the most favored books by Lem, is a series of adventures of a lovable Pilot-Astronaut.  Pirx grows with problems he faces – the  Pilot has to prove the worth of an imperfect man confronted with the world of machines and machine thinking.

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An Excellent Collection of Short Stories Featuring Reviewed by Sir Moneybags McBigballs the 3 on . Makes for a great read. Each story is strong on its own, and most are short enough to read in one sitting. In these tales we see Pirx has matured from a bemused rookie into a somewhat world-weary expert pilot. Pirx's adventures take him from the vastness of space to the colonies on mars and on the moon, as well as to an uninhabited earth-like planet who's rocky spires beg to be conquered. The focus of most of the stories is artificial intelligence gone awry and man's over-reliance on technology. All are written with Lem's trademark humor, technological realism, and eye for human character traits. A must-have for Lem fans, and a great buy for sci-fi lovers in general. Sir Moneybags McBigballs the 3rd "The name says it all" Rating: 5 5
„Tales of Pirx the Pilot,” imagination Reviewed by Pawel on . In elementary school it was the first encounter with the fantastic books Lem. The book stimulates the imagination. I remember that on the basis of the story I wrote his story about the visit Mr. Twardowski on the moon. Rating: 5 5
tale pirx of the pılot Reviewed by hatice on . what are the abdsurd themes in tales pirx of the pılot . Rating: 5 5