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I understand
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When I led Kelvin to the Solaris station and made him see the frightened, drunken Snaut, I did not know myself what made him so anxious. I had no idea why Snaut was so afraid of a totally innocent stranger. At that time I didn't know - but soon I was to find out, because I kept on writing...

It is rather difficult to comment on this book. I think I managed to express what I intended. This work seems quite satisfactory in my eyes. I can only add that it became a juicy food for the reviewers. I read reviews so profound I barely understood them... Starting from the obvious Freudian interpretation... One American reviewer made a fatal mistake in that he was unaware of the fact that the idioms of the Polish original are different - hence they do not allow such conclusions.

I never really liked Tarkovsky's version of Solaris. Now 21st Century Fox is in the phase of preparations for a remake.