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The plot of the Peace on Earth was not base on the political situation of that time - I usually tried to shield myself from such influences. Current information regarding growing tension between the Soviet Union and the United States had no effect on the process of writing. Only now we are aware of the fact that a nuclear conflict was much closer than we suspected - and of course I did not know it at that time. However even after the end of the Cold War the danger of a nuclear war is still high initiated - for example - by certain terrorist groups.

  I never attempted to incorporate a real story into my books, I never wrote the so-called "political fiction" since I strongly believe that no political events can be foreseen - regardless whether on the global or on the local scale.

  In this book I tried to imagine and describe a psychical situation of a human being whose cerebral hemispheres have been separated (callotomy). I was fascinated by the situation in which each hemisphere could possess a separate consciousness. Before I started writing I spent a long time studying scientific literature - I allowed myself to invent certain things, however about eighty percent of what I wrote was directly based on scientific data. The rest was my own "supplement" that was necessary because of considerations related to the development of the story.