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Lem wrote „Highcastle” at a time of  greatest literary triumphs as an author of science fiction, but the book does not belong to this genre.  This is a self-portrait of a writer from the times of his childhood, inquisitive, full of humor, a story about the birth and development of a personality, intelligence and imagination.  With the pre-war Lvow as background Lem tell the story about adolescence  - as attractive and full of surprises as his fictitious tales.  Why does one go back to one's childhood?  Initially, for sentimental reasons and for the reconstruction of the past world.  Later, in order to understand oneself better at a mature age and, at the center of this panorama, to raise a High Castle - of meaning, a memorial of covenant between the past and the present.

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A favorite for the bedside Reviewed by Phoebus Franca "thebuffer" on . Stanislaw Lem's writing is beautiful in this brief work. Fans of his science fiction will surely want to read this to get behind the artifice and learn about the writer. But those who are not familiar with his work will also enjoy this as a meditation on memory, growing up in Poland, and this writer's power to evoke meaning. I read it mostly before falling asleep and it gave me wonderful dreams. Phoebus Franca "thebuffer" Rating: 5 5