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While writing the lecture of the supercomputer Golem XIV I came to the conclusion that a brain can be separated from a personality (a character) of a human being. This is why my Golem stated that if he were to simulate a given character that would create a constraint on his mind.

Many aspects of Golem's views regarding the "accidental creation of man" are my own - they are only expressed with more emphasis and pathos. According to Golem the entire emotional sphere of humans and the principles derived from Gospels are redundant. Of course, I do not share this view. Golem advocates a conception in which the human being should "abandon the human being" in order to become a more "sympathetic" and more intelligent being. Of course, I never advocated such "platform", one cannot express such views seriously. Mine is also the thesis regarding the relationship between genetic code and various species in which individuals serve only as code's amplifiers - however Golem's opinion is somewhat exaggerated.  This concept - that Richard Dawkins called "the selfishness of genes" - I published three years before him. I wanted Golem to ponder on topics that slightly went over the boundary of human thought. One can see a certain polarization of statements but the expressed views are generally mine.

  If we looked at this book from the perspective of vicissitudes that accompany Golem's parting from humanity - it also has to be received with tongue in cheek. I am a misanthrope - but to a lesser extent than Golem. This book is like a magnifying projector. If its images were reduced to a smaller scale it would turn out that these were my own views.