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1921 Stanislaw Lem was born in Lwow, Poland (presently Lviv, Ukraine) to a family of a wealthy laryngologist
1932 starts education at the II K. Szajnocha State Grammar School in Lwow
1939 obtains secondary school certificate
studies medicine at the Lwow University
1942 after the occupation of Lwow by German forces works as a mechanic helper and welder for a German firm recovering raw materials.
1944 after the second marching in of the Soviet army continues medical studies
following the repatriation laws along with his family leaves for Krakow
enrolls at the Jagiellonian University to study medicine
1946 makes his debut with a novel Człowiek z Marsa (A Man from Mars) published as several episodes in "Nowy Świat Przygód"
1946-48 cooperates with "Tygodnik Powszechny" and published poems and short stories
1948 starts writing his first novel Szpital Przemienienia (Hospital of the Transfiguration)
1951 publishes his first book Astronauci (The Astronauts)
1953 marries M.D. Barbara Lesniak, a radiologist
1954 his father dies
1955 Czas nieutracony (further volumes of Hospital of the Transfiguration)
1957 Dialogi (Dialogs); Dzienniki gwiazdowe (The Star Diaries)
1959 Eden; Śledztwo (The Investigation
1961 Pamiętnik znaleziony w wannie (Memoirs Found in a Bathtub); Powrót z gwiazd (Return from the Stars); Solaris
1964 Niezwyciężony (The Invincible); Summa Technologiae
1965 Cyberiada (The Cyberiad)
1966 Wysoki Zamek (Highcastle)
1968 birth of his son
1968 Opowieści o pilocie Pirxie (Tales of Pirx the Pilot); Głos Pana (His Master's Voice)
1970 receives a prize from the minister of foreign affairs for popularization of Polish culture abroad
1971 Doskonała próżnia (A Perfect Vacuum)
1972 becomes member of the committee of Polska 2000
1973 Wielkość urojona (Imaginary Magnitude)
1973 A literary prize of the ministry of culture;  honorary member of the Science Ficiton Writers of America
1976 Katar  (The Chain of Chance)
1976 State Prize of the first degree for literature;  expelled from SFWA
1981 receives a honorary degree from the Wroclaw Polytechnic
1981 martial law in Poland
1982 departure for a one-year scholarship of Wissenschaftskolleg in West Berlin
1982 Wizja lokalna
1983-88 temporary residence in Vienna
awarded Austrian state prize for European Culture for 1985
1987 Fiasko (Fiasco); Pokoj na Ziemi (Peace on Earth)
1988 returns to Poland
1991 Austrian Kafka-prize for Literature
1994 becomes a member of  PAU (Polska Akademia Umiejętności)
1996 receives the Medal of the White Eagle
1997 receives honorary citizenship of the city of Krakow
1998 honorary degrees from: Opole University, State Medical University in Lviv, Jagiellonian University.Medycznego, Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego
2006 Stanislaw Lem passed away on March 27th
2006 Rasa drapieżców