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"The Puzzle"
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Vice Magazine published the first English translation of Lem's "Zagadka" ("The Puzzle"); this story is illustrated by Sophia Foster-Dimino, the co-author of the Lem-Doodle. The full text of "The Puzzle" is available here.

illustration by Sophia Foster-Dimino

"Solaris" special offer
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The new English translation of "Solaris" in e-book form will be available for $1,99 (for a few days only):

Barnes & Noble

"This is a must-read for English-language fans of the author". [J. Carroll]

"It's a work of science fiction at its most cerebral". [Ryan Gen-Xer]

"Solaris is primarily a book of ideas, but there is also a very deep psychological undercurrent". [Iveta Kazoka]

from recent Readers' Reviews at Amazon

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Match three titles of Lem's books to the three covers below.The first three participants who will get it right shall receive either: six books by Lem in Polish OR a T-shirt with Lem OR a Lem's book in a chosen language.

From the remaining participants we shall pick three at random, who'll receive analogous prizes.

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"Robot..." - a graphic novel
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image"Timof comics" has just published a graphic novel entitled "Robot..." - an adaptation of two stories by Stanislaw Lem.  The drawings are the work of a Polish couple living in London.  The artists' previous achievements include a well-received comic adaptation of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita".

Danuta Schejbal, a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and a stage and costume designer of the Cherub Theatre Company adapted "The Uranium Earpieces" from Lem's "Mortal Engines".

Andrzej Klimowski, a graphic designer, illustrator, painter and creator of animations is a professor at the Royal College of Art, London. His contribution to the volume is the interpretation of the climatic story "The Sanatorium of Dr. Vliperdius" that takes place at an asylum for mentally ill.

The book was published as one of the projects of the Polish EU Presidency Cultural Program 2011 in both Polish and English.  A trailer by the artist Agata Wawryniuk and composer Szymon Orchowski is available on Vimeo:

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"Solaris" as an e-book
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Solarise-bookHalf a century ago Stanislaw Lem predicted e-books in his "Return from the Stars." Now, for the first time ever, you will have the opportunity to download Lem's e-book for Amazon Kindle, iPad, etc.

The new translation of "Solaris" in electronic format should be available in the second half of December.

Telling of humanity's encounter with an alien intelligence on the planet Solaris, the 1961 novel is a cult classic, exploring the ultimate futility of attempting to communicate with extra-terrestrial life. The only English edition to date is Joanna Kilmartin and Steve Cox's 1970 version, which was translated from a French version which Lem himself described as poor.
"Solaris" The Definitive Edition
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To mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Solaris, Audible, in cooperation with the Lem Estate, has commissioned a brand-new translation - complete for the first time, and the first ever directly from the original Polish to English. Beautifully narrated by Alessandro Juliani (Battlestar Galactica), Lem’s provocative novel comes alive for a new generation.


A new translation of "Solaris", made straight from the original by prof. Bill Johnston is available as an Audible audio-book: Solaris The Definitive Edition

The Book-for-Review Contest

We have reached the publication of the 33rd and last volume of Stanislaw Lem's complete works by Gazeta Wyborcza and hereby announce a review-writing contest.

If you would like to win a book by Stanislaw Lem by taking part in this contest you need to:

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  • Reviews are rated by forum members registered before November 25th, 2010.
  • Each review with more positive than negative votes shall be published at and its author shall receive a book by Stanislaw Lem (in the language of your choice: availability depends on language and title but we will do our best to satisfy even the most sophisticated requests).


  1. Reviews may be published from December 1st, 2010 until January 31st, 2011.
  2. Reviews may be rated until February 28th, 2011.
  3. The administrator of the contest retains the right to shorten its deadline(s).

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